Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Prints are here!!! And more to come this week!

Hello Everyone! I have prints and more prints. I finally took the time to make beautiful prints! And here they are. And more are coming this week. It's been a long time at the printers but worth it cause the prints came out beautifully. I love them! These are available on Etsy now, so stop on by!!!


  1. Magaly,
    these are beautiful! so gentle and colorful : D

  2. i love your art- so happy to have found your blog.

  3. have I told you I love your work lately? :)

  4. Oh yummy, there's my bird girl who hangs out in the studio. Have you thought about doing blank notecards with your pictures? I know I'd snap them up in an instant and I would think they'd sell well for you. Hugs Magaly!

  5. Love your prints ;)
    Un beso!!

  6. they all turned out so well. your hard work paid off.

    in love with the girl and red birds print!

  7. Felicidades! me ecantan tus dibujos!


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