Friday, October 29, 2010

Painting free late last night!

Crazy in love with colors

DONE IN ACRYLIC ON STONEHENGE PAPER 8.5 X 11" with white border around the image for framing

I painted wild and crazy in love with colors late last night. Everyone asleep and I felt bliss. 
Letting myself go a little bit more makes me feel wild and free. And here is a piece representing the whimsical ride of swirling colors and dream. 


  1. Hermoso!

    gracias por tus visitas, te seguimos

    saludos, nos vemos

  2. I'm a color freak too! It really is pure bliss painting when everyone's asleep. I love it!! What's with that I wonder?? Great piece!! Those are some of my favorite colors lately!!

  3. These are happy colors, and I love them!

  4. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!! Preciosa muchacha, you're on a great ride...hang on, hold tight, and keep on going!!

    Besos y abrazos,

  5. another color junkie...what is life without bright clear color...and oh the variety...I'm particularly impressed by imagination and creativity...which you have in abundance

  6. Beautiful Magaly. I love vivid color as well. Have a great weekend and I just love your music. Take care amiga.

  7. That is one happy masterpiece! Love it!

  8. Hooray for getting lost in your painting, Magaly!