Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Patches of land pendants at Oodle stitch & Fold

Hello Everyone! It's been hmmm, let's see 6 days and I'm back! Been working hard for the upcoming holidays. It's almost November, can you believe how fast it's going, my god. Well it's almost Halloween yessssss spooooooooooooooky! Well, I opened up a new shop on Etsy. I thought and I been thinking about it for months now of opening up a bran new shop solely for my crafty goodies. I wanted to separate my craft from my paintings. And thought it was a good idea. I call it, Oodle Stitch and Fold on Etsy There you will see clutches, pendants made of colorful fun fabric and felt, plushes, rings, necklaces and more. Now I have coin purses made of vinyl with decorative paper I love
Come check it out when you get a chance!
What's new! Here I have created new pendants made of wool fabric and decorative fabric stitched to cotton Webb and100% wool fabric I get at my favorite yarn shop here in Kent CT and in Millerton NY called Twisted for the colorful twisted artists who loves and enjoys creating cooool things. 
The new pendants are called Land patches. And the reason I call all my pendants that are all done in fabric, it reminds me being in an airplane. And when it's about to land and I look out the window and see all the beautiful patches of land way up in the sky and it soothes my soul. It is also like seeing an abstract painting from above as well. I love them! I enjoy creating these beautiful organic pendants! I hope you enjoy them.  My Second shop is 
Enjoy and have a sunshine day smile!!!
Magaly Ohika


  1. luv the land pendants...I like your thoughts about when a plane is landing and you can see the patches of land like a patchwork below you...very creative...will be going over to your new shop!

  2. muchas gracias por tu visita!

    te esperamos pronto

    ya somos tus seguidores

  3. I am so glad nobody stole your necklaces dear! I wear this necklace all the time! I feel it gives me such good energies!!!


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