Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Announcement Bloggy friends!

This is one of my new clutch and more clutches are coming soon!
I'm very upset! I could scream right now! Late last night as I was about to list some new items on Etsy. I see my items have all disappeared. I'm thinking my computer is acting up again. But it is not the case. Etsy has deactivated all my items without warning no messages no communication whats soever regarding this matter.
So I'm left confused, wondering what the hell is going on! I pay my bills on time and that's fine, I go to my feedbacks and that's good good. All my items descriptions are good as well. So here I'm left absolutely naked without a response from Etsy. And I'm disappointed big time!!! Hmmmmmm I wonder what it could be and I'm driving myself nuts! How can this be?

So if you all wonder why my paintings are not in my shop, this is why. And I'm very very very upset!!!!!!! I just wish they can say something before they deactivate my items. And the thing is I have no freakin idea! Not having a good day but you know what I'm going to Doodle some more! 

Well my sweet talented bloggy friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Wow, it's terrible!! I hope you can get your items again...
    un abrazo!

  2. I am so glad your shop is back!!!


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