Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A beautiful day indeed!

Anna Bella the piggy 

Anna Bella is a piggy who loves the art to voice what's in her heart and she is not afraid to be heard. She believes in herself! Done in watercolor and charcoal on Vincent Rossini watercolor paper 8x10 Available today on Etsy!

This week  been busy preparing for a craft show in Hamden CT, never been there. I was invited to participate in the awesome event. There is a lot to be done. This week will be about getting things together and creating goodies for the show. I love craft shows,  very exciting. You get to meet people and also see wonderful work. When I  lived in Puerto Rico in Old San Juan in Calle sol near the water about 3years ago I participated in all the events in Old San Juan I couldn't miss it. Puerto Rico is full of amazing artists. Some I got to meet. Puerto Rico is a wonderful place for art. I enjoyed my 5 year stay there and learned a great deal about myself as an artist. I discovered my roots and family I have not seen in years and others I never met and discovered I have a family of artists and sculptors . I had a lot of fun celebrating my art in this beautiful Island of mine. One day I will see it again!

When the moon hits your eye, it' s Amore!
Done in watercolor and charcoal on Vincent Rossini watercolor paper 8x10


  1. I am in love! I want Anna Bella to be my BFF! She is so dang cute!!

  2. LoVe LoVe Love! oink oink! :) xox - Kim

  3. Awww such a cutie, i love the colours, always a pleasure to look at your gorgeous paintings.

  4. I LOVE Anna Bella...I admire her confidence...I could use an abundance of that trait right now. I hope you will be able to return to your island sooner than you hope (but you have to promise to keep your blog and Etsy Shop, p-l-e-a-s-e)...not surprised you have artist and sculptors in your family...I've always believed the desire to create is genetic! Hopefully will get my 2 ladies framed this week, I want them up where I can see them...

  5. Hermosa cerdita con su vestido a lunares!

  6. What a cute piggy! Also the one with the moon, fun! I love moon paintings :o)

  7. Wonderful paintings! Anna Bella is really lovely ;)
    And these clutches are great!!!
    Saludos guapa!

  8. Love Anna Bella....what a strong and determined personality!

    Jacky xox

  9. Oh! I love little Piggy!
    How cool that you lived and created in Puerto Rico! And that you reconnected and found family.
    I wish you Good Luck and Great Fun at your craft show!
    XOXO - Cindi

  10. Awesome as always Magaly. How are you my dear amiga! Hope you enjoy your Holiday Season and also hope that Thx was great for your. Take care.

  11. Ooooh...I love the piggy....especially the one that looks like she's singing! Yay!


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