Friday, November 26, 2010

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HoLIday pRiNtS

These Holiday prints are done in archival inks on cardstock paper measuring 7 x 5.5 with border around the image. These beautiful prints make wonderful holiday gifts for you and for those you love. The prints are place nicely in a handmade pocket envelope. The colorful prints are also wonderful for frames or a gift for someone special.

The Prints will be mailed across the sky in a clear sleeve packaged beautifully and dropped through your chimney. 

Hello everyone it's happy Friday yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!
What a day I spent yesterday stuffing my mouth with turkey and desert. The amount of food that was prepared for Thanksgiving Hoilday makes you not want to eat for a month. By the end of the night I was stuffed and tired. It was a great day!!! Hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends. The only thing that was missing yesterday was my mom. I have not seen her I think about two years. All my family went to her house  in Puerto Rico and had a big feast and music playing! It would had been sooo  nice and lovely to be there, maybe next time! I called her and we spoked for a while. I just miss her hugs. I miss her and my baby brother who actually lives in NYC with his daughter. I also called him and it was nice to hear his voice!

Another colorful blissful day clutch
These are new clutches and the others below are now listed on my Etsy shop!
They make wonderful gifts for you and for those you love!
Have a beautiful Happy Friday and a great weekend!

A love  birdie message to you clutch


  1. How I love your little cards, Malagy...just too adorable. Glad you had a wonderful TG in spite of the fact you weren't with all your family. My mother and I drove up to my brother's in Las Cruces, NM and had a lovely meal there. I missed my children, thankfully, my daughter and son celebrated together in Austin and my baby was with his honey went to Houston to spend it with his oldest and youngest children and grands. Got to talk to my little guys last night, though...miss them all so much too!!

    Enjoy the long weekend as I....not going out into the madness they call Black Friday...staying home and spending time in my studio. Take care, my friend.


  2. Happy you had a good Thanksgiving...even if you weren't able to be with your family! Isn't it wonderful to live in a time when there are phones so we can call and talk to those we love and care about...immediately! Your imaginative pieces are beautiful...hoping you sell lots and lots through the holidays!!!

  3. It is always such a treat to see what you have been doing. You have been busy! Love those clutches!


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