Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More fun clutches on etsy today!

Open your heart clutch!

What to say today well, I'm pretty sad and a bit depressed. It's not like me to be all sappy but I'm having one of those days. I'm a happy person but lately I haven't been feeling like myself. It depresses me every month I get the red queen. When ever she appears I get even more sadder. I can't help it! I'm beginning to wonder, Iam meant to be a mother or not ,is my question! It's been about 7months of trying but nothing. And so I bury myself in work and more work enjoying what I do so passionately calms my day. I just have to stop thinking and have fun, if you know what I mean, yep sex! I though it was going to be easy but it isn't easy at all.
Last month I was three days late and I thought, oh yes I'm pregnant! And I did a pregnancy home test. George and I waited hoping this is it, at last! And suddenly I wasn't pregnant! I see women getting pregnant so easily on the first try. It makes me so sad that I'm not a mother yet. I want to read children's books to her or him. Make stuff toys books play paint nurse cuddle my baby talk to my baby go for walks with my baby tell stories to my baby laugh and smile with my baby. All that goodie stuff of motherhood. Anyways, I have to go and clean house and paint some more. Bye guys! Love you all!

La sirena clutch!

The celebration clutch!

The journey clutch!

Embrace your art with passion and love clutch!


  1. You know what sweetie - as soon as you stop thinking about it, it will happen. I know - easier said than done. But it's true! Big hugs!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that it has been so hard for you! I wish you and your guy the best of luck!

    Your new pouches are absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the expression and composition of the first one. She is lovely.

  3. First I LOve these clutches and someday soon I will hopefully own one:O)And second dont be sad!!! Think good vibes and the time will come:O) I wish you the best of luck and I will keep you in my prayers:O)

  4. Magaly, I will continue to keep a happy, optimistic thought for you and George...now I know where some of the passion and emotion of your paintings comes from...the pouches are lovely as always...

  5. I know what a hard time this is for you.
    I have 2 daughters, both in the same predicament and i see the sadness in their eyes each month when the 'dreaded red queen' makes her appearance.
    There is nothing i can say to lessen the sadness, but, when the time is right, it will happen. I say to my girls, be positive, be happy and enjoy the process.

    On a lighter note..
    Your work continually amazes me.
    i wish i had the imagination and soul to create such extraordinary creatures.


  6. hello .. i have had the same experience well sort of i had my son when i was 23 now in my thirties and have been trying for a baby a long time, 9 years!!! and went for tests found out i have endemetriosis which does not help so now i really have given up but im lucky and blessed to have one child.... 7 months is a short time they say after 1 year of trying then see the doctor .... in the meantime eat dried seaweed great for fertility so im told ...... love clairexx


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