Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My artbooklet issue # 3

The lighting is not so great! So I apologize. Took a picture way too late just when the sun was coming down.
First before I begin talking about the piece I want to thank all my lovely bloggy friends for their kind support. Thank you and I will visit soon as I'm done getting my shipping and sewing together.

I love this piece! Welcome to my next issue#3 for February  called The art daily dose - love!. She is drinking tea with a heart shaped tea bag symbolizing love her daily dose. Is about creating beautiful things with love. She drinks it everyday giving her strength and peacefulness. And when she is ready to paint, she gives it her all with sincerity.  The piece is done in acrylic and charcoal on watercolor cold press paper
20 x 30


  1. I love this painting Magaly...the blue and the little red tea bag...perfect!

  2. she's beautiful .... love it , every detail !!!!!

  3. Exquisite! You manage colors magnificently!

  4. her expression and hair are so beautiful :)


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