Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Print clutches are here and more soon!

I have new print clutches and more to come this week! These beautiful prints are transfered to canvas fabric.
Are you ready to take flight clutch!

Tea in a colorful bliss
Embrace the new journey and fly


  1. Oh great job Magaly! And to think I have the original piece hanging in my studio! That clutch is very tempting girlfriend! LOL

  2. j' aime beaucoup vos peintures !!

  3. Tea in a colorful bliss...pure bliss!
    Love, Love, Love

  4. tienes una imaginaciĆ³n maravillosa, tus personajes son tan expresivos y especiales... saludos!

  5. What a cool product we focus on Canvas print that allows users to put photos on canvas but a canvas business card is a great idea.
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