Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The freedom of color and my soul

The freedom of color
With all the snow that we been having, I think the earth is ready for the rich welcome of spring. Let the green blossom and I shall dance with joy!

Here I have a series of beautiful paintings done in ink acrylic and graphite on watercolor handmade paper. These will be done into greeting cards and post cards. And will be on etsy today! Enjoy!!!

Greeting cards!

Come with me!

The yellow house

In the company of magic

A sweet mystery

A spring shower

The story continues


  1. I love them all...isn't color wonderful!

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  3. Oh!! I love them all, too! Be still my heart...the yellow house.

  4. Your art is wonderful! Love the loseness and they hold your talent so well. Your a true talented artist!
    Thank you!

  5. Como siempre....LINDO!!! You're such a breath of fresh air, Magaly!! Hope it's thawing out where you are...it's very warm and sunny here in West TX...Spring in definitely in the air!!

    As for Las Vegas, don't try to make that trip...it's not worth it...I hated every second of it...has become very corporate...liked it back in the day when the Mafia ran it!! LOLOLOLOL!!

    Have a great day, mi amigita, and keep the colour coming!!


  6. wonderful bright colors - just right for the season as we all wait for spring.

  7. you inspire me , Happy I found your blog and FB. I love your work . I get lost in the story


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