Sunday, February 6, 2011

Letting myself go a little bit more!

I want to hold you hand
The weekend is almost over. And it's beautiful sunny out! I had a wonderful fun late late night painting and here they are. 
This pieces are done in acrylic, ink and 6b graphite pencil on Vincent Rossini watercolor paper cold press
It was a night of tea painting and watching The adventure of Merlin.

Be open to share the colors

Just talk to me, I'm here

Giving you a color hug!

Colorful spill of me

You gotta feel the groove

Letting myself go a little bit more

A beautiful messy spill


  1. Hi Magaly! I've been quietly following you since you appeared in Cloth, Paper Scissors and I wanted to emerge from lurking and tell you how much I love your work! Your characters are simple yet incredibly expressive & I think that is a real talent! Anyway, just needed to say that...please keep creating & sharing! Cheers! Michelle

  2. These are so cool. love your style!

  3. oh i love tea and painting when everyone else is in bed you got alot done they are all amazing! love Claire xx

  4. All beautifully colorful...I tried to pick one I liked more than the others...I like them all! Late late night painting produces fantastic results :)

  5. They are so adorable. I love your style and colors.
    Beautiful work :)

  6. Amazing! All those bold colors, looks like a lot of fun!

  7. I love all of these new pieces....such beautiful soft, but vibrant colours. You are such a busy one!

    Jacky xox

  8. Love them Magaly especially the top two
    x Bee


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