Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My February art booklet issue # 3 of love and art!!!!

My February issue #3 is here
Art the daily dose - Love
Ten beautiful vibrant pages of my art!
Will be listed on Etsy today!!!
Enjoy staying home and being safe, it brutal out here with snow and sleet! Have fun!


  1. Your art is so great!!! Love them all !!!

  2. What a fabulous collection of paintings!!! love them!

  3. These little booklets you do are so wonderful...I like looking through the 1st one and seeing your creativity...thinking I know the young lady who painted these colorful, imaginative works of art!

  4. We are here, in the very rainy north, enjoy your previous book so much! I brought it with me here my dear!

  5. Oh Magaly, your latest paintings are so beautiful!! Great idea this monthly issues :D

    Un abrazo!!!


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