Saturday, March 26, 2011

My whimsical life

The beginning of a beautiful weekend. I been away but I'm here with three beautiful pieces!
Here I have another page teaser of the mini book called DOT. Written and illustrated by me. I had George edit my story. He's a writer and thought my story was really adorable. And hope you enjoy it too. It will soon be here this coming week. I have several stories, one of my favorites is, The Funny Yellow Hat which I'm doing the illustrations for. The book is bigger, the normal size of a children's book. 
I want you all to enjoy the weekend!

done in acrylic and charcoal on watercolor paper 5 x 7
Print is available on Etsy!

Come kiss me 
done in acrylic and charcoal on watercolor paper 5 x 7
Print Available on Etsy


  1. the tub
    the wind in pink hair
    the kiss
    **sweet darling**
    your are the
    queen of
    delight delivery.

  2. As always, your sense of color has brightened my day. I just love your primitive imagery!

  3. Love the bathtub! Did I let you know I received your precious bedtime story I have to get it framed so the g'daughter can hang it in her room! Thank you so much!

  4. i just looooove visiting here to see what you've been creating. i adore your work!!!!

  5. thanks for your nice words, I'm in love with the colors and characters of your creation, a hug!
    ( sorry my english is bad )


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