Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Frida says to paint paint paint!

Frida in don't never forget me.

Morning everyone, it's grey grey outside. I need a good pour of rain!

This piece was done late last night again while everyone was  sound asleep, best time for me ey! I call it Frida in don't never forget me.

Done in acrylic and charcoal on bogus brown rough paper size 18 x 21


  1. amo a Frida!! que excelente interpretación, Magalí te luciste un montón con este dibujo ;)

  2. Hope you got your rain! The Frida painting is muy grande! I've got a movie about her coming from NetFlix, I want to learn more about her!

  3. qué linda Fridda interpretada por tus mujeres, llenas de elegancia y color!

  4. Hi Magaly...I read up on Frida on the internet last night...what a hard life she had with polio (or the "white tumor") and the accident. It appears she was affected very deeply (into her heart and soul) by the inability to have children.
    Looking at her art I can tell you are inspired by her...she poured herself out on the canvas as you do!
    Happy Friday!


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