Saturday, May 14, 2011

A whimsy night staring at the moon

Bella luna

decorative doll/plush

She is done in decorative fabric, blue and black canvas, felt, whimsy stitch work and stuffed in polyfill.
 She measures 19 x 6.5

Bella illuminates the night with magic, captivating the hearts who believe in her magical radiance.

Meet baby Luna 

She's done in black canvas decorative fabric, corduroy, fabric marker and stitch work stuffed in polyfil size 9 x 5.5


  1. Ohhh....they are both so darling, Magaly!!! xo

  2. Magaly...I love them both especially Baby your style and so precious!

  3. Your work is so beautiful, Magaly--the combination of color, shape, and lines is delicious! XOXOXO


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