Thursday, June 2, 2011

More new whimsy wood spoon pendants!

Follow your heart and be free wood spoon pendant

New Five wood spoon pendants - maple wood cut, sanded, gesso, image in graphite pencil, acrylic. sprayed in fixative, sealed in 3d crystal lacquer featuring eye screws and chain and falls lovely above the chest. Now the first pendant I decided to add more whimsy.

These will be on etsy tomorrow with their inspirational titles.



  1. Magaly...your spoon pendants are just BEAUTIFUL! How's the move coming?

  2. These are incredible! Just incredibly lovely and full of spirit. Congratualtions on quitting someone who has conquered smoking too, it is no small feat...I know how hard it is...and the emotional turmoil quitting can put you through..You are amazing for tackling this and a move! Stay away from smoking friends and family (for awhile) if you can---that was by biggest downfall...much love and light to you-amanda

  3. These are so unique and each one lovelier than the next! You are such a talent!!! xo


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