Monday, July 11, 2011

A beautiful creative Monday by the ocean!

 Holding on to love that binds us.
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The piece is done in micron pigma pen #3 on handmade Italian watercolor paper. Size of piece is 5.5 x 6 with border around image. 

Good morning! It's gorgeous feeling the breeze coming in through my window from the beach. The smell of the ocean calms me. I love the way it makes me feel. This piece inspired by these lovely women in my life who embrace me with love, support and laughter!

Embrace in the now with love.

To always remind myself that the present is important and lovely. To embrace it fully. Life is beautiful!
This piece is done in micron pigma pen #3
Size of piece is 5 x 4 with border around image.


  1. Hello! I just read your last few posts and want to wish you the best in your life changes! I am proud that you quit smoking. It must be difficult when you suffer from anxiety. I have suffered from that in my past. Medication helped me through it a great deal and now I no longer need it to be anxiety free. It must be wonderful to live near the ocean! There is something so calming about it! You must remember that there are problems everywhere in the world and you must accept that it is part of life. Try not to dwell on them, but instead, but instead concentrate on your own happiness--your life, your art, your friends! Speaking of art--yours in so wonderful! It always looks so joyful--I like to think you that way!

  2. I love them! Great work! I hope that each day gets better and better and you feel more at home there on the island. Keep making great art and keep in the present!!

  3. I love the black and white--maybe this is reflecting a little of how you have been feeling. I love all that you do--keep your mind creating.

  4. It's such a wonderful piece, Magaly!! I love the breezes and smells of the ocean!!!

  5. Absolutely love these girls and houses!

  6. You, my dear, are such an inspiration! I am slowly getting back to blogging, and am so very touched by your work! I hope to one day share my art the way you share yours. Thank you!

  7. The beach is so favorite place! And yet I haven't been to the beach since Don and I last went in 1996! I'm so very sorry you're having anxiety attacks...years ago when I was having them in Virginia (issues with my sister and her kids) moving back to Arizona helped immensely. I thinking good thoughts for you Magaly and sending you love and hugs, Theanne


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