Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A lovely day eating mangoes!

This piece is inspired by a little girl at the bodega ( Deli store) holding on to her doll waiting for her mother to pay for a soda pop.

This piece is done in watercolor pencils watercolor pastels graphite on watercolor paper 4 x 6.5

This lovely portrait inspired by a little girl at the beach playing and stopped for a second to see my dog play with the other dogs. She was so cute!

This piece is done watercolor pencils and watercolor pastels on watercolor paper 4 x 6.5 

Good morning! It's another lovely day at the beach. Did my meditation and wrote in my journal. I'm inspired!!!
Thank you to all you lovely women out there who left such wonderful messages of wisdom and lovely comments!. I give you all big hugs from here just close your eyes and feel my hugs across thee sky.

One late afternoon walking with my dog I took some pictures of a little girl who loved the camera. 
Her mother said that her daughter wanted to someday be a photographer.

This piece is done in watercolor pencil watercolor pastels on watercolor paper 4 x 6.5


  1. So beautiful Magaly, your lovely work with it's beautiful content and gorgeous colours never ceases to bring joy to my life. xx

  2. Dear Magaly...I believe you are home where your heart is... :)

  3. How wonderful you are living such a great life back in Puerto Rico. I love the beach, but then I live in the desert...that's one heck of a big beach out here!! LOL That reminds me, I have 3 small Mexican mangoes waiting for me in my fruit basket...must eat them!!

    Love your work and everything you make. Have a great day.


  4. What a dreamy day, sure heaven and so is your art!

  5. bueno, bueno!! que productiva que estás, me alegra mucho porque se disfrutan un montón tus bellas obras, un saludo Maguí de Alita, por supuesto :)


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