Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Holding on to the love in my heart!

Here are many wonderful new paintings for you that I have done in the past week to keep me stimulated while I was in the hospital with George my husband. It's been a difficult scary tough time in the past two months, Especially this month. George is finally home! Thank god!!!! I thought I was going to loose him. One morning three weeks ago at about 630am - Is Usually the time he goes out to go for a swim with our dog Brook. Well on that morning as he was talking to me he fainted and hit his head on the table. I thought he was having a heart attack. Suddenly I as try to get him up he asked what happened. I call 911 for the ambulance but they took too long. He fainted again in the bed with his mouth open and eyes rolled back. I cried.  Luckily our friend came over and took us to thee hospital Pavia. My anxiety was up the roof. What caused his faint spells was his pulse as 36 Second degree block arythmia due to Lyme disease that caught his heart. He was left in the hospital for 16 days. Now he is home working taking Doxicycling don't kno how to spell that.
And well me I'm doing the best that I can to take care of my depression and anxiety. My friends here and back in CT and you guys have all been supportive and it tickles my heart with love. Thank you!

I will continue to blossom grow love smile paint believe have faith hold on and not give up!

These are all on etsy with their messages and sizes!


  1. lovely as ever maGaLy! hope your anxiety and depression have eased having your loved one home. wishing him a full recovery, i know lyme can be tough, and wishing you peace. xOx, sUz :)

  2. Oh my goodness! I had no idea that was all going on! Love and prayers to you and your husband.
    Be gentle with your beautiful self as you walk through the A & D. Let us hold you until you can hold yourself.
    Hugs, Jenny

  3. I didn't have any idea that was happening. Good thoughts and prayers going out to you and George. Hang in there sweetie!

  4. OMG! I feel so bad for you Magaly! You poor thing! How brave and strong you are.
    I am so glad to read that George is doing better.
    You two take care of yourselves!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers and I'm sending you positive energy and happy thoughts.
    Your work is fantastic as always!
    XOXO - Cindi

  5. As always I love all your paintings:O) And Im sooo sorry you are going through this, I know it is scary I too suffer from anxiety and used to depression. So something like this happening to someone you love can send you into major panic attack mode. i will pray for you and george and pray fro strength and speedy recovery for him.

  6. gracias a Dios que tu esposo esta bien, me imagino que susto habrás tenido.
    te deseo toda la fuerza en la recuperaci├│n para ambos. tus pinturas siguen siendo muy calidas y dulces.
    ... buena semana :) Alita

  7. What a tough time you have had....I am glad that George is at home again and recuperating. You take care of yourself too.
    Sending you a big cherry red hug!

    Jacky xox


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