Thursday, October 20, 2011

lovely painting on etsy!

                   Mi isla Puerto Rico te canto una serenata

on etsy!

Hello you guys! First I  want to thank the ladies who left me such wonderful love uplifting comments. It brings a huge smile and warms my heart with joy!!!!
I am better these days painting away like crazy and im loving it!

here are some new paintings!!!!

                   A meditation with tea in the morning

                  friends going to school

                                          Sun shinning on our faces

                                        In the darkness I find my light

                  love that holds me tight

                                              The light that pulls me

                                            A sweet path to healing

                 The new journey

                                                    My world inside

              Shower me with sweet morning glory



  1. I LOVE them all Mag...I want every wall in my apartment decorated with the passion and color of your're feeling better...I'm so HAPPY!

  2. It is always so lovely to stop by. It lifts me up!

  3. Works of love, keep them coming.

  4. Your work is so vibrant and passionate! It is so unique to only you!

    I am sorry for the trouble you have experienced. Please remember that you are NEVER weak for seeking help. Depression and anxiety(ocd) are illnesses just like diabetes, hypertension, or anything else! You would not be ashamed to seek help or medication for those! Anxiety disorders run in my family, but fortunately for two of my children I recognized it early and got them the help (therapy and medication) they needed right away. They continue to take medication years later, never skipping a pill, and do very well with hardly ever a set back. Being OCD is part of who they are and part of their personalities, but with proper medication is does not interfere with with the quality of their lives. I am happy to say that they are happy, successful college students with bright futures. Take care of yourself--There are people all over the world who care!!

  5. I love the child quality of your work.
    It reminds me of Paul Klee's art.
    Beautiful colors and rendering of lines.


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