Monday, November 21, 2011

A colorful morning with a hot cup of coffee!

Our purpose in life is to do what we love, paint!
Acrylic gesso and charcoal on paper

It was a lovely weekend. Mom came to visit and I created new two paintings.
I been wanting to paint large, I mean huge. It's a bit different when you paint in a large scale. I get intimidated but been dying to explode my heart on a large wood panel but not quite yet. Im not into canvas. Something about the texture that doesn't allow me to spill the paint the way I want to. But wood yesssss! Love the smell of wood and the texture is great, well depends on the kind of wood. 
On Etsy today!

Painters that inspire each other

acrylic, gesso and graphite on paper 11 x 14


  1.! they both ROCK me! so happy your Mom came to visit, she lives in PR doesn't she? I've been getting my painting groove is a consuming passion when it hits...!
    hugs, Magaly

  2. These are great! Love the color and uniqueness!! Well done! I agree large canvases are intimidating, and wood is much smoother and more forgiving too! My larger canvas is taking quite a while as I continue to change it several times! Look forward to seeing what you do with a big canvas!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I really love that first piece. The colors look beautiful.

  4. hi magaly

    i just love your big / bigger paintings. my favs of your current work are 'keep balanced and breathe' in your etsy shop and this one 'our purpose in life'.
    one black and white the other with colour. your characters are fantastic. i love your girly's and the simplicity of the characters in these two is just 'just''.. i can't / don't paint but i would love to have such an exceptional talent as you possess. so, i collect yours. i hope i can obtain one of these.

    and who is giggles.. ?
    giggles.. i love your name...

    (i'm just) caRolS

  5. I like the way paint slides on the hard surface of wood but canvas kind of slows it down doesn't it? I might try and get around this by sticking paper to the surface. I'm looking forward to seeing a massive piece from you. So much joyous colour!:o)
    Jess xx

  6. What a feast of lovelies! Enjoy your turkey feast too! xo


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