Saturday, November 26, 2011

Come, let me show my place of work full of fun art!!!

I don't think I ever gave you a peek of the studio!
Well, here it is!

My space where I sit and have a fun spill on paper

Me and I alone in free style motion, refreshing

A splash, the spill, A Freestyle fine art morning! Love it!

Painting done in acrylic graphite and gesso on paper 11 x 14
Children are bright colors. They are full of love! 

 Free style fine art in ink graphite acrylic and gesso on paper 11 x 14

Artists understand that without art expression we feel empty. 

Art keeps us alive!

Free style fine art in ink graphite acrylic and gesso on paper 11 x 14

Bohemian artists who make life so interesting and exciting.


  1. yes I do feel empty when I don't paint, sketch or immerse myself in color! Love this post your're surrounded by your extraordinary art...what a lovely spot to create! And your new art love love the female with the red pocket book. I kinda live on the fringe of being Bohemian...becoming more so day by day though! Do like doing my own thing (what ever that is)...LOL!!!

  2. love your art space, magaly! and this group of free style- AWESOME!!! i'm so glad you are on the mend and settling in your new/old home. i don't comment often, but i read and think of you and always appreciate your creativity. ♥

  3. Love your art studio !!! looks like a fun place and your new work is fantastic as always so love your style xx claire

  4. Your work space is lovely, I work right under a window too!!

    I love the bohemian artists painting, I think I know a few that look just like that ;o)

  5. hi magaly

    another fab bunch of art.
    the black and white really gives a great new dimension to your art.
    i wish i could buy all your work and surround my house in it.

    love the photo of your studio.
    those dolls? soo cute. where did you get them?


  6. What a fun space mine is always so messy I'm to embarrassed to take pictures.I to have to create each day or I feel like my day isn't complete.

  7. I like both your workplace and your way of painting.
    Greetings. .


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