Sunday, November 27, 2011

A relaxing colorful afternoon!

 Gooo to sleeeeeep little babies

done in acrylic , graphite and gesso on multimedia 140 rag paper 10 x 26

Available on Etsy!


  1. Thanks for sharing your space.... how much time do you spend painting each day?? You seem to be incredibly productive! Love your peeps!

  2. My son and DIL had a friend come over to take family Christmas pictures today...the two kiddos crying look like William (2 years old) who was CRANKY till the photo shoot was over, then he was all smiles and giggles. Yes yes yes..."go to sleeeeeeep (sweet) little babies"

  3. I really love this one! It is wonderful!

  4. I love all their different facial expressions!

  5. magaly

    not only is this one cute, but it is magic.
    i have to say..
    you have truly captured the very essence of babies.
    i work with babies and its incredible how i see each little expression that babies exhibit in this painting.

  6. hey, they are beautiful.Nice to discover you :-)


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