Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another delicious day at the studio!

Embracing yourself with kindness

Small beautiful piece 3.5 x 3.5 done in watercolor on multimedia paper mounted to tiny wood. It comes with it's own itsy bitsy easel. I just love it!

 An art workshop in progress will be given this month January. Will let you know by end of this week with all the info about my workshop right here at the itsy bitsy spill blogspot. Want to join in and have fun with me, here is your chance to spill that beautiful spirit of yours. Fun Fun Fun and more fun free flow, free style creating! 
Stay tuned!

 A colorful new perspective
Another piece done in watercolor graphite on multimedia paper. size of piece is 6.5 x 10 The simplicity of bright colors, sweetness and innocence. A very Charming piece.
Free style!

 The Beauty of love between mother and child
This piece is done in a mix of mediums, acrylic watercolor charcoal gesso on handmade paper. 9 x 11

Home sweet home in the middle of the street.

Last piece done in a mix of mediums acrylic watercolor charcoal gesso on handmade paper
9 x11


  1. Lovely sweet and colourful paintings! Happy 2012 to you. :o)
    Jess x

  2. Blessings and warm wishes for a new year filled with abundance and creative accomplishments. I love your work and your and your words!
    xo jocelyn

  3. Magaly, you're a art machine...I love your energy and of course, you love for life!! Love your work. You've inspired me to make something very special for my daughter who is again, blessing me with another grandchild, but this time a girl. After four "hombresitos," she's having her little princess, so it's off to think of something for mommy and her little girl.


  4. I love them all Magaly...;-)


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