Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Free Form Art Fun Class Soon Next Week February 1, 2012

Morning Everyone!
Class of free form is almost near!
Exciting! I'm excited, are you excited? I sure hope so!
I have so much to share and teach you.
In this class, there won't be any rules, just pure fun.
What I expect from you is, your supplies ready and to spontaneously explore and express yourself freely in this class. You will be surprise what you will be accomplishing by the end of the day. 

Now here I have a set of art goodies I expect in my class. 
For those who already have these supplies at home, dismiss the list.
But for others who may not have what's on the list, please have them!

- Pad Bienfang - watercolor paper 9 x 12

 Price - $5.99 0r $8.00

but if you already have other watercolor paper, is fine but must be cold press 140lb 

-  Stonehedge cold press paper or Fabriano watercolor paper -  two sheets 20 x 30 for booklet we will be creating.

 Price - $3.98 or $4.00

- Watercolor Brushes - round Royal size 8 , Royal size 5 , Royal size 10 

- Fixative is a plus! It keeps your work from smudging  when you begin working with paint. 

Price-  $7.99

- Medium Gesso a must! Geso is great and it's my favorite medium for what I do and for what we will be doing in class.

 Price - $5.00 or $7.00 in Walmart or Micheal's Art Craft store.

- Pencils - Graphite -  koh-1- noor hardtmuth progresso 8911/6B and Charcoal conte pencil france 3B

- Watercolor paints - Germany Fine Tec is pretty pricey 
 Folk Art acrylic paints  use like watercolor. 
Choose any colors you want. Not expensive and the paints are great!
 Price - $1.00 0r $1.99

In this class -   Art will not obey the usual rules for creating a piece.
                               Art will not conform to conventional rules of composition. 
                                             Art in this class will not be created according to a standard style on        convention but your own unique style. 

We will be learning about- Free Form, Free Style, Free Flow

                 Children inspire us to feel the child within

It's wonderful to feel our child within inspiring us to express ourselves without any rules or fear but just pure playfulness, fun and innocence. 
Let us all allow ourselves to embrace the child within daily!

Watercolor, acrylic, gesso and graphite on watercolor paper 18 x 24
Biebfang - PAPIER- D'AQUARELLE Acid Free 


  1. I can only find Royal round brushes in even numbers, like 4, 6, 8, 10. I am not able to find the size 5 you listed, should I keep searching?

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I had more time. Wow, it's a free class too, that's awesome. Have fun dear. Happy New Year to you as well.

  3. I was thinking it's so long to wait and now the class is almost ready to start. I'd better get moving and see what supplies I have. Happy New Year! jan


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