Saturday, February 4, 2012

For this coming new week!

Hello Class!

Thinking about you!  How's free form going? How are those fun sketches?
Having fun, letting go, feeling free!
I want to see your drawings. So bring them out! Email me your sketches please, tomorrow Sunday!
Any questions, you know where to find me!


  1. have to redo my sketches, since I painted them...LOL PLUS my masking tape tore paper off of two paintings 1 sketch...:( not a happy camper...I'm buying new tape tomorrow! I'm still excited and still having fun! Won't take me long to do new sketches tomorrow!

  2. Totally cool video so nice when you get to meet the person behind the art.

  3. Loved the video :O) You have an awesome personality, which I knew because it comes across in your blog:O) and now the videos!!! The Beach im envious!!!:O)I hope I can get some sketches to you tonight.

  4. I am sure how to post sketches to your blog. I think maybe you have to be the one to post pics?
    Love the videos.


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