Thursday, February 2, 2012

Free form art piece completed in watercolor and graphite

" Tap into your sense of gratitude "

This free form piece is done in watercolor and graphite with border around the image 9 x 6 Listed on Etsy

This piece was one of my free form pieces shown in my video. It is now complete!

Sorry guys, for some reason my camera is making my images a blurry look.
I'm working on that!

Class of Free Form thank you for your comments. I will be posting a video.
So stay tuned! Keep having fun. Allow your piece to be clean of smudges. Make sure your lines aren't dark use fixative once you are done. You have until this weekend to practice. This will give you time to choose your piece
We will be going to watercolor soon! 
Show me what you have done - send to my email
Enjoy and simply have fun. Any questions, please contact me!


  1. i'd forgotten how much fun art could be.....thank you for having these workshops Magaly! Hi George, Brook and kitty (oh dear I've already forgotten his/her name)!

  2. my sense of I've got to go work on a drawing of my gratutide...mostly I'm glad I'm still breathing in the morning!


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