Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stop Bullism

It's almost March, tomorrow! 
A listing for Paint Your Journey ends on March 11. 2012 on Etsy.
I have one student who registered for the second workshop. I need more students!

The workshop is about creating a story picture book about what inspires you, what motivates you. It could be about any subject. Some of you might say," I don't know how to do a story picture book " Well, That's the reason why I'm here to teach you how to. This workshop is about having fun with watercolor acrylic and graphite mix media. The accordion book will be 10 small pages. Your story can be simple but it has to mean something to you. But what I ask is for you to enjoy creating your book. If you wish not to use words for your book and just have illustrations speak for themselves, that's good too. All I want is for you all to enjoy the process as you go along creating your booklet.

 Now the size of your book will be 5 x 7 each frame total of 10 frames - 50 inches long. I did ask for 12 but I will keep it at ten. Here I have an example of my accordion booklet. As you can see I only created for now 5 pages 25 inches long. But that is just to show you that there is no need to be intimated about creating your book. This is your chance to challenge and apply yourself playfully though out your pages. For you only. You can also get you kids involve in it. Both you and and your child can have a fun blast creating the book. I will have video about the booklet. I also understand that some of you might not have the money to take the workshop.

Here I have my own accordion book of 5 pages.
My subject is Bullism

 Stop Bullism 

It is constantly happening and teachers should enforce it by

 educating students how bullying is not allowed and that it

has bad 

consequences. All children should learn how to respect and

love each other, doesn't matter how different you are. We are 

all special.

It's terrible to hear teens go through this in school and sadly, some end their lifes.

When I was a kid in Junior high I was constantly being bullied all the time. I had no peace. I was called many awful names and I always felt terrible and alone.
 It was horrible, until I stood up for myself. I had friends to 
help me through this and with my mother's support to report it.

Friends make you smile and make you laugh. To be your finest self and be your best. Friends will guide you through with love.


  1. cool book.
    sadly I have funds at this time.
    XOXO - Cindi

  2. A very strong and important message.My daughter was bullied until she told me if I made her go back to school she would kill herself.I never made her go back and she finished at home and is off to college now.They would slam the locker doors closed on her hand,pull the chair out when she would get ready to sit down,put their foot out as she was walking by and trip her.I tried to talk to the principal and all she did was stare into space.She is only now telling me what happened and still 4 years later she cries when telling her story.It's a sad,sad world we live in when our children are never safe and it can continue into adulthood as well.

  3. I love your artwork. I go to your shop more than any shop on etsy and am continually inspired by your colors and characters, feeling and playful fun. Thank you for your artwork...I treasure my own from you as something very special and look at them every day. :) Pam


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