Monday, September 17, 2012

To all the lovely women taking this class love love your pieces! Keep creating. We are on for the next step COLOR!!!!!


These pieces are wonderful! This one is a fun and strong piece!
love them all!!!  Can't wait to see them in color. 

These pieces are filled with love whimsy sweetness. Love the composition on this piece and the one below this one. 

Have you by any chance been to France?
Well well you should! You would love the art and romance there.
Your pieces have that strong french style. You have such a unique style!
Romantico and very charming!

Girl I must tell you you need to go to a rock concert and have some fun!!!! This piece delivers such a strong message. Love it for that! You want something and you want it now! Love the setting of your piece, very cool indeed and whimsically fun!
Love to see this one in color!!!
Great job!

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