Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Being Art playful is so much fun!!!!

My playmate at story hour

Done in watercolor and graphite pencil on watercolor paper 9 x 9

The first time I lived in Connecticut it was in a town called Falls Village. A very cute quiet town. And almost every morning accept for Tuesdays I'd go walking two miles to the Library to get books and spend hours doing research and doodling. It was a place to meet new friends. A place where mom's bring their kids for story hour and meet their play mates. It was great fun watching the children all interact. Children are an inspiration to my art! I love their innocence and their free spirit to create art. 


  1. That´s why we have a beautiful inner child, always helping us to create :) xx

  2. I spent a lot of time in Falls Village area because I went to boarding school up there. How old were you? Is this a painting of your memory? It is such a peaceful and at times lonely place! But I do love that area.


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