Saturday, February 9, 2013

Diving in color without Fear!

Morning Ya'll! I'm up up up! I Could not sleep well last night. I hate that the toss and turn. Anyways late last night I stayed up inspired to do a piece in acrylic, collage, gesso mix media on paper. This a little bit bigger. So eventhough I had a hard night sleep I painted instead! 

Piece is called Reach out to a good friend

All my pieces done in this medium will be listed later on today on my Etsy shop!!!!

Another piece done and finished. These series are 5 x 7. These pieces are not big. I'm enjoying every single one of them.

Let go and move right along

done in acrylic, gesso, color pencils and collage on paper


  1. I really love the one you did at the bottom! Love the intense orange background and the cool teal glow of the body!

  2. wonderfully beautiful, as always!!! ((hugs))

  3. Hola mi amigita. Love the new painting, but then I don't think you've ever made anything I haven't absolutely loved!!!

    Have a great week and if you can't sleep, create!! Or do what I do, create in your head, that way you won't get any sleep at all!! LOLOLOL



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