Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bringing my baby bird back to life!

  I woke up at 6 this morning and started to clean house and feed the babies. I have a new member in our family and his name is Chupy. I found hime on the side walk between two large Palm trees. Luckily I saw the poor baby brown dove. It limps poor thing. I think it fractured it's leg when he fell from the nest. So I took him home to take care of him. This was a week an a half ago. He knows it's name and gets excited when he sees me in the morning. It's really cute I must say me being the Momma bird and all. But sadly I will have to let him go. I feed him and give him water but he is also learning how to eat on it's own. I feed him every six hours. Check his pouch to see if he's full. I don't know what to do about his leg though. Will he survive in the wild all on it's own? I hope so. Once he gets enough strength in his wings and legs he will be able to fly. I will set him free! 

Now I'm ready to paint ♥

1 comment:

  1. wild things always survive better in the wild...though I understand it's hard to let go...I have seen birds with crippled legs surviving in the outdoors...a crippled wing would perhaps be more of a I'm saying a prayer for your little feathered friend...that he heal and if not that he survive just as long as he can...outdoors where he's free


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