Monday, April 22, 2013

Here she is, my whimsical cat named Talula!

CatTalula, for short I call her Tallie and I adoreeeee her ♥

Done in Papier mache and acrylic.

Her arms are done in wire tape and kraft brown paper. I used a planter wire vase also made out of branches and cover it with tape and paper mache the whole body structure. Her head is done in paper mache and ears in brown card board also in paper mache, Then gesso it after it was totally dry for three days. She then was painted in acrylic. Her height is - 20 inches long.

I had such a wonderful time creating her. I'm so inspired. I can't wait to create a Rabbit, Fox and Frida in this form!



  1. She's so cute. I love the bird she has captured!

  2. Oh my goodness Magaly - I LOVE your kitty!! Incredible work xx

  3. Talula, turned out Gorgeous! Love her and can't wait to see some more creations in Paper Mache.


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