Saturday, April 6, 2013

There's light for all of us. No, better yet. There is light in all of us!

This piece is done on regular 12 x 18 paper gesso, acrylic and graphite
Called - Angels whisper ♥
Open the window
Stars up above
Angels calling
message of love

Open your heart
Angels calling
message of love
Dancing and singing
Open your eyes
Angels are calling
There's light, for all of us

Having a quiet day at home alone. I just finished a piece only using a few colors training myself to getting out of the same old color routine. It's working for me and I do so enjoy it very muchhh ♥


  1. love love love...when I sign up for your current workshop would it be alright if I just use the supplies I have on hand...I'm so into my Out Of My Mind Images right now I'm just not focusing on anything else :D plus I'm still in WHINER mode :D please forgive me's artistic temperament you know :D

  2. Your message, poetry and art is so very uplifting. Thank you for sharing!

  3. love this. want to sign up for your current workshop, but just can't do it right now. It looks wonderful from the samples I have seen!


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