Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The new Naked Art workshop May 16, 2014 Come join us!

The Naked Art Workshop
Workshop will begin in middle May on the 16, 2014
Cost is $65
Listed on Etsy tonight!

You will have time to gather your supplies. Some of you might have them.
About the Workshop! There will be 4 Vimeo videos and you can download the videos as well and you can watch it at any time.

Naked ART is about being weightless with little colors as possible, using a tool that allows you to draw in such a eloquent way as if living in the 17 century , a technique that allows the tool ( Bamboo Reed stick ) to convey thick and thin lines on paper. When you look at your piece you can imagine a swan swaying so gracefully across the paper.
You will be using a bamboo Reed pen. It's an anchient pen used by Arabics, Asians and Eyptians.

A tool that conveys free motion and delicate beauty. Once the pen is controlled the ink flows creating all forms of bold strokes.
We will be using black ink learning how to do thick and thin lines giving your character an edgeness quality to a feathery quality

It is used mainly for Caligraphy but it also used for drawing.

Wikipedia definition - Reed pens or kalamoi (singular kalamos, Greek κάλαμος) are a type of writing implement with a long history. They are made by cutting and shaping a single reed straw or length of bamboo. Reed pens with regular features such as a split nib have been found in Ancient Egyptian sites dating from the 4th century BC. Reed pens were used for writing on papyrus.

Reed Pens are stiffer than quill pens cut from feathers and do not retain a sharp point for as long. This led to their being replaced by quills.[1] Nevertheless a reed pen can make bold strokes, and it remains an important tool in calligraphy.

Supplies needed in the workshop
Bamboo Reed Stick
Brown bogus paper
White watercolor paper
Black ink
Two colors of your choice
White gesso
collage decor paper
Exacto Knife

Video 1 - How to hold and use the bamboo Reed creating bold strokes

Video 2 - We will be painting in white gesso and ink on Brown bogus paper

video 3 - We will creating an accordion booklet creating characters with your bamboo reed and in black ink

Video 4 - We will choose two colors that you like, gesso, collage decor paper and ink on brown bogus paper. All paper will be cut into size using our ruler will demonstrate in the videos.

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