Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hello everyone, again it's been a while. Busy creating beautiful works of art. Here I have a lovely piece on age handmade paper. The painting is done in mix media in acrylic, pencil and inks. Love the contrast of the black acrylic with a touch of red. Loving the intensity of these two colors makes the piece vibrant and striking. Titled Little Frida

In my shop www.itsybitsyspill.etsy.com  you will see beautiful  new work including this sweet piece.

Till next time with more paintings to show.

Magaly ohika


  1. Beautiful!
    Love it, but I love all your work!

  2. such a charming piece.
    the handmade paper adds to the feeling of it.

  3. I miss you Magaly...since I lost you on Facebook I have no idea how you are, how life is treating you. But of course you're still creating beautiful art...and the art I have of yours hangs on my living room wall reminding me everyday, all day long of you. Take care be happy, Theanne

  4. I think it's beautiful, and it suits the rough paper journal. I love your blog Magaly!


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